The Perfect Mix for Any Marketing Channel

Without URUP’s consumer engagement platform and 1 CLICK, campaigns “Call to Action” experience’s drop off due to multiple steps and sign processes. Campaigns directing consumers to websites, facebook pages, or requiring App Downloads require time and effort. Potential customer bases are eroded by barriers to entry like: type of mobile device, internet speed, access to data, levels of education, technical complexity and age.

URUP has changed all of this through:

One Click engagement mechanism

By adding URUP there is no App Download or Sign Up required, barriers to entry fall away, resulting in mass engagement. Consumers are engaged within seconds entering through sms, email, short code, USSD and social media, working across all smartphones and devices.

Comprehensive data & analytics

Using URUP reveals comprehensive INSTANT data on the consumer, creating detailed demographic information and analytics. This allows each channel's effectiveness to be managed independently revealing not just the Who, but the What, When, and How as well. This provides effective trend analysis and bespoke insight into the success of your chosen channels and campaigns.

Consumer education through innovative engagement

Using URUP you can create skill based, entertaining engagements, made easy through the One Click engagement mechanism. Consumers don’t just see your message, they are educated through the process as they work their way up the leaderboard.

Scalable for any requirement

URUP's engagement software can be utilised across multiple industries, using multiple mass consumer channels such as TV, Radio and Stadiums, allowing for thousands and even millions of consumers to compete simultaneously.

Customisable engagement software

URUP's Administration Screen allows interactive engagement that can be tailored to meet your objectives in minutes. The one click engagement mechanism allows for mass engagement and promotion of any product/brand, through various games. These can be incorporated into innovative campaign activations, with the option of applying different mechanics that align with your specific marketing objectives


Select and customise interactions that effectively engage and educate your consumer base

Entry/Re-entry Gates

Add elements to your interaction to better achieve your objectives – Go Viral, Instant Winners, Reward Product In Hand, Reward Purchases; Go to Location, Polling/Voting... and many many more!

Exit Gates

3 customisable buttons to direct the consumer any which way you wish, post the interactive engagement

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Suitable for Training Purposes

Our engagement platform is being used to train thousands of staff globally. You can: train multiple departments in multiple locations, train and test staff on product attributes, train and test staff on pre-launch product education, test sales staff knowledge on promotions and much much more!

With our one click engagement mechanism, training takes place on your staffs' own devices, in any location and at any time!

The training solution is entertaining and can be used across regions, teams, outlets, and departments, with leader boards promoting the competitive edge. Instant data and analytics provide valuable insight into strategic and operational human resource management.