Turn your back on unfocussed, "spray and pray" digital campaigns – own their eyes by learning WHO your customer is and exactly WHAT holds their attention. No more waiting weeks for feedback from media/agency partners to adapt your playbook to marketing lessons learned.

Completely Modular. Build It Your Way.

URUP Overview

Engage In seconds

URUP’s unique value proposition enables an organisation, brand or company to engage any internet connected device within 4 seconds - no app download, no sign-up process (through data scraping functionality). This ensures that in a single click, through any channel (SMS, email, short code, social media, banner ads, intranet and CRM messages) your message recipient/ target audience can receive a highly engaging, interactive user experience. The outcome? Amplified brand awareness, enhanced knowledge/ skills transfer that drive bullet-proof compliance and deliver your communication objectives faster.

Build detailed technical solutions in hours

The vast majority of URUP’s digital components can be assembled within 30-120 minutes to eradicate a limitless array of inefficiencies. Comparing the speed and build times of other communication and software platforms to URUP is like comparing a wood-burning stove to a microwave oven.

Some frequent uses of URUP include:

  • Brand Outreach
  • Internal Messaging
  • Consumer Outreach
  • PR & Events
  • Monthly Results
  • Customer Services
  • Investor Relations
Marketing & Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Consumer Profiling
  • Product launches
  • In-store POS Engagement
  • Media Engagement
  • Digitial Catalogues
  • Consumer Data Reporting
  • Pre-Engagement
  • Induction
  • Professional Skills
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Departmental
  • Health & Safety
  • Culture & Values
Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee Benefits
  • Exit Interviews
  • Candidate Feedback
  • Employee Handbook

Big Meaningful data

Instant data allows you to adapt your marketing activities based on engagement and insights. Data can be delivered via analytical reports or data files which can be pulled into existing reporting tools via API hooks and plug-ins. No more waiting weeks for feedback from your media or agency partners to allow you to adapt your strategy to marketing lessons learned. It’s not the BIG that eat the SMALL in today’s warp-speed commercial environment; it’s the FAST that eat the SLOW. URUP dominates this global space.

'The most exciting technology I have seen in my career!'
Michael Greig
CTO, PwC Europe

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