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Our spirited teams of digital disrupters are locked onto re-inventing Marketing messaging and colleague communication

From Disruptive Start-up to Digital Superstar

2007 heralded the realization that drove CEO Mike Eilertsen to begin crafting alternatives to the traditional one-way nature of advertising. At the helm of a luxury brands magazine at the time, he refused to accept the budget-burning nature of the print marketing medium.

Mike founded URUP, having realized that one-to-one communication with customers and other target audiences needed to be engaging and interactive. Communication with audiences should involve listening to them – not just talking at them. The URUP platform is the result. The speed, modularity, low cost of engagement and big data generated by the platform, has resulted in a rapid growth of users. The same immediate interest and uptake of the URUP offering has been seen from countries with poor internet, entry level smartphones, poor education levels and diverse cultural and religious beliefs to first world economics and leading digital marketing agencies.

The Management Team

Michael Eilertsen
Michael Eilertsen

A passionate and dynamic businessman who founded URUP.COM. Nicknamed South Africa's "Richard Branson in the making" by Leadership Magazine. Mike was awarded the 'Most Innovative Company in South Africa' and 'Second Most Innovative Company on the African Continent' in the Africa SMME Awards 2012, and in 2016 was named in the Top 10 Most Influential Young South Africans in Business by Avance Media.

Gareth Michell
Gareth Michell
Chief Financial Officer

Gareth is a qualified South African Chartered Accountant, CA (SA), with ten years senior management experience, who joined URUP in January 2017. He has valuable experience in terms of financial and management reporting with focus on compliance and quality control. Gareth has also played a significant role in the financial planning and strategy of previous companies, and has been involved in various company acquisitions and mergers.

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